A picture of green trees lined in the background of a clear blue sky. On the picture are the words,‘Let the Planet heal and come back from vacation. Then you can go on one.’

World Health Day 2020

Did you know it is World Health Day today? And that the Planet is facing the WORST health crisis in the last 100 years? Well yes. And going by the technology and scientific developments we have this crisis is one of the worst the human race has EVER faced. We’d like to share with you some pointers to stay healthy in such unprecedented times.

  1. Stay home as much as possible
  2. Eat healthy. Staying at home and with a change of routine, we feel like snacking all the time. But it important to eat healthily.
  3. Exercise. Builds immunity like nothing else
  4. Have Vitamin C supplements and stay hydrated
  5. Stock your medicines for the next few weeks and never skip them.
  6. Keep your health professional’s number in your emergency contacts AND
  7. And most importantly, take care of your mental health. We are in this together and this too shall pass. So keep holding on and keep your mind occupied.

If you have a disability or a medical condition, here are few additional things to note:

  1. Identify alternative support arrangements in case your caregiver may need to be isolated.
  2. If you use assistive devices, please wash them frequently with soap or disinfect them regularly as advised by the provider. (Everyone is focusing on washing hands. For people who use assistive devices, keeping them sanitized is equally important.)
  3. If possible, keep spares of assistive products in case of damage.
  4. Keep emergency contact of your assistive device provider for repairs if need be.
  5. If you are going out for any medical treatment, wear a mask and keep safe physical distance.

Also, if you can, please donate for charities in your respective regions. The world needs more compassion from all of us for each other. There are migrants, health workers, support staff and volunteers who are working day and night on the ground to make everyone healthy back again. Some donation is the least we can do to appreciate the work they are doing and have access to all resources to keep them healthy and safe.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

‘Let the Planet heal and come back from vacation. Then you can go on one!’

From all of us at Planet Abled, Namaste.

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