Mainstreaming Accessibility and Inclusion for the Tourism Industry

We make the planet, abled for everyone to travel irrespective of their accessibility need.

A young blonde white women with black shades and white cane is seen standing. Her background is a vintage wall with small windows shaped in stars and circles. Sunlight is coming through them and falling on her
A wheelchair traveller is seen from the back. She is dressed in red and has short white hair. She is watching the city from the top of an old fort. A brass mental canon is placed directing towards the city.

partner With Us

partner With Us

  • Are you a tourism business that has not yet tapped into the business potential of accessible travel? We can help you tap into the 13.1 trillion USD market?
  • Are you a leading accessibility organization in your region and want to develop inclusive travel in your region?
  • Are you an assistive technology company who is looking to implement their solution into hospitality and tourism industry?

If you think you are good fit, schedule an introductory call with us to understand how we can partner with each other.

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Travel with us

A wheelchair user traveller with Kathakali artists on her sides. They are dressed up in colourful dress with headgear and painted faces.

travel With Us

Inclusive Travel Designers With Years Of Travel Operations Experience

  • Someone once told our founder, “You are your biggest customer”, and we believe they were absolutely right.
  • We know the challenges of not just travellers with disabilities but also understand the challenges businesses face on their inclusion journey.
  • We understand the industry because we have been working with them for years and we understand travellers with various types of disabilities because we have been working with them too for years.
Are you a person with a disability thinking of travelling?

If yes, our team of travel designers will help you move ahead on that path and make it happen.

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Who is Planet Abled?

Planet Abled is a globally recognised and awarded travel brand making tourism inclusive as a travel service provider, destination developer and ecosystem builder for travellers with accessibility needs.

Our vision is to resolve the challenges of inaccessible destinations, biased perceptions, digital inaccessibility, lack of standardisation and lack of affordability and professional competency. We are mainstreaming accessibility into tourism ecosystems, practices and market opportunities for the entire industry to enable growth, scale, and customer-centric approach and have an amplified positive impact on travellers with all types of accessibility needs.

We want to make accessibility and inclusion an integral part of the ongoing Sustainable Tourism conversation globally and have mapped it to sustainable development goals. This turns the siloed and sympathy-based approach of organizations toward accessibility and inclusion into an aspiration.

A multi diverse group of about 50 people are seen sitting on a stair case of stones. They all are smiling for the camera.
A blind person is touching a tactile 2D plaque of a swan. Details are written on the left side in braille on the plaque. Many swans are seen floating in water pond in the background.

Customer Centric

Intention led, adaptive and tailored solutions focused primarily on customer experience driven by equitable pricing, quality service, and freedom of choice.

A young adult boy with down syndrome is kneading the clay with both hands

Inclusive Design

Intuitive design thinking based approach at all touch points of the customer journey across the built environment, digital, communication, information and human accessibility.

A wheelchair user traveller with 3 monks standing behind him. The yellow door panel is in the background.


High performance intuitive standardized framework and capacity building of the tourism industry harmonized for developed and emerging nations.

Symbol of Goal 3 - Good Health And Well-Being with green background
Symbol of Goal 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure of the SDG2030 with dark orange background
Symbol of Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities of the SDG2030 with pink background
Symbol of Goal 11 Sustainable Cities And Communities of the SDG2030 with orange background
Symbol of Goal 12 Responsible Consumption And Production of the SDG2030 with sunset yellow background
Symbol of Goal 16 Partnerships For The Goals of the SDG2030 with blue background
Symbol of Goal 17 Partnerships For The Goals of the SDG2030 with dark blue background


On the left a square has various elements in light blue, orange, green and dark blue. On the right ENAT is written followed by the text - European Network for Accessible Tourism
Indian Experiences Logo in black. A spoked wheel on the left and Text written in black in two lines. Discovering India Differently,
Access Austria Logo. A yellow human on left is supplemented by Access Austria written in black inside a rectangular box. The accessibility experts is written on the right
Zero Project Logo in Green and black.
Pantou Listed Supplier stamp in blue, gray and while. On top in circular fashion its written - The Accessible Tourism Directory.
The Global Good Fund logo in gray and orange.
Hilfsgemeinschaft Logo in yellow and black. A single left eye is sketched on left side with yellow square background.
Responsible Travel Logo in Black.
Access Israel Logo in Blue.
World Startup Logo in Black. A mountain is there on top and World Startup is written below it.


Inclusive Tourism Session

We are holding our next Industry Stakeholders’ Session soon. Come join us to learn more about how you can be inclusive to travellers with all types of accessibility needs. And get to meet people from all over the planet who are on the same path.

When: Thursday 07th December, 4 PM CET


Thursday 30th November,


Two women are facing each other and using their hands for sign language. One's face is visible and the picture is clicked from behind the second women.