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Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2020

Did you know that over one billion people or 15% of the world population experience some form of disability or impairment? [Data source – WHO] Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Accessibility may mean something different for each one of us. The ideal world would be one where everything is accessible equally to all. Global […]

World Health Day 2020

Did you know it is World Health Day today? And that the Planet is facing the WORST health crisis in the last 100 years? Well yes. And going by the technology and scientific developments we have this crisis is one of the worst the human race has EVER faced. We’d like to share with you […]

7 ways to travel when you can’t… and some!

With the Covid-19 causing lockdowns across countries, most of us have had to shelve any travel plans we’ve had. Everyone is scampering to cancel their bookings and brace oneself to the possibility of social distancing and staying in the confines of their homes for the next few weeks. Many countries have issues travel bans and […]